Senior video projects

In the AHA senior internship class, seniors go out into the arts community once a week and intern for three hours.   The other 4 days of the week they are in a one hour class where they learn different skills in the arts and how to navigate life as an artist or just basic work skills needed for life after high school.  Here are a few samples of student exploration with film.  All seniors made 3 minute films. Last week we hosted our first AHA film festival and showed 10 student films with popcorn, pizza and chips.  Fun was had by all. Thanks Mr. Cagan and Ms. B.

AHA students participating at the Oakland Museum

On April 1st the Oakland Standard presented a communal meal and conversation centered around Egypt’s revolution, and the recent uprisings throughout the Middle East. Over roasted goat and fava bean ‘ful’ (Egypt’s national dish, pronounced “fool”), a discussion exploring the emotional impact and political relevance of the spirit of liberation that has ignited imaginations around the world. April Ful’s Night included music and spoken word, a video program in the Oakland Museum of California galleries, a live link to Cairo and handmade banners and signs screenprinted by AHA students.  Amanda, Sarah, OHannah, Marcelo and Zoe set up a screenprinting booth and taught hundreds of people how to pull a print.  Thanks Amanda Eicher for inviting AHA to Participate.

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AHA Art is Education Exhibition at KALA


Here is an incredibly cool project where AHA seniors  were able to create art to commemorate the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Student art was used to wrap an AC transit bus that travels the 1 line from Berkeley to San Leandro.  Thanks ACOE (Louise Music) and AC Transit for including AHA in such a lovely project.  If you see the bus cruising around please email us a snapshot to post on this blog.  email=